Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Timely Tuesday Update Regarding Pending Announcement from Governor Whitmer...

The CCS school family has been getting a lot of updates and information these days. I hope they are a refreshing change of pace. They all have a purpose. This one is timely because of a pending annoucement from the Governor that has started considerable speculation. Please watch this video and remember who we are as a school, why we are staying our course, and why the weeks ahead are so important in that process. After watching the video, it may be encouraging to go to the CCS Blog and watch the music video that follows these same thoughts posted there. Our theme for this entire school-year since September has been "Never Alone." That was so providential! And these thoughts and the short video that follows it at the blog underscore that God is in control of these days and weeks, even as we must choose how we respond to them.

Watch the video from 3-16-20 which has been relocated to follow this post.

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