Sunday, March 15, 2020

Tips on handling groceries and carry out....

Dear CCS Family,
I do not know this physician who serves in GR, but he is active in the daily processes we are all facing, and he is also delivering groceries to his 70-year-old parents each week. 

His protocols may seem a bit extreme, but watching this short video will help you adopt "best practice" for your own home. Many of us have already begun having groceries delivered to our home, and this video answered some of my own questions about that process.

Three practical things that we can all take away from this video: 
1. Think of the virus as "glitter" that you don't want in your house. That is a good word picture. 
2. Know the "life span" of the virus on various materials (which makes "paper or plastic" at check out a whole new question. Sounds like paper has a shorter "virus life" than plastic.
3. Microwaving is helpful in "killing" the virus (and freezers do not kill it). There were many other good points in this video. Consider this doctor's experience and his real daily routines with his parents. It makes sense to us. Do the best you can....

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