Thursday, April 23, 2020

"Enoch Was No More": The Story of a Chinese CCS Senior Whose Father was Wrongfully Imprisoned for His Faith.

This is a story that could not be told to the CCS family until very recently. In late March, Enoch was granted political (religious) asylum by the U.S. State Department, and he is now free to speak openly of why he came to Calvary.

This past February, CCS friend and former banquet speaker, Dr. Bob Fu, was a guest speaker during the January Series at Calvin University. His presentation was live-streamed across the country and to different countries and the persecuted church in China. In that address he introduced Enoch to the large audience, saying that today with us is the oldest son of one of the most newsworthy examples of the persecuted church in China. That day we learned that Bob Fu’s financials legal assistance in Enoch's "back story" has been known by CCP since the first few weeks of his father's imprisonment.

That same week, Enoch's father also told his son, "You are safe. You are free. Speak up. Tell the truth about what has happened to us. God will protect you in America and us here in China." 

This past week, Enoch and I sat down in our living room to tell you, his friends and family at CCS, an abreviated version of how his father was imprisoned in China and how, upon his release after two and a half years, they determined to get their son Enoch safely out of communist-controled China to attend Calvary Christian Schools. This is that story. 

Part One: "What They Did to My Father"

Part Two: "Enoch Arrives in America"

NOTE: Numerous links to related news articles about Enoch's father may be found at the "Show More" prompt at the YouTube channel of these videos.

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