Monday, January 2, 2012

Snow at Last!

In Between...
How drab the days
when fallen leaves
blow to and russet fro
and likewise later
melting March
without a bud to show.
The variegated leaf,
the frozen river’s flow...
at last the empty
in between
is covered by the snow.
© Copyright 2007, Tom Kapanka

I don't know about you, but the fall of 2011 seemed very long for many reasons. I've heard many of our CCS family and friends say it was because we had no measurable snow in November or December. I agree. Only in songs was our Christmas white. Not until New Year's Day did real snow arrive. I'm glad to see the dingy grays of autumn gone.

Michiganders are four-season folks who aren't afraid of change, but we sometimes feel forlorn in the months when we stand in between what was and what's to come.  

As 2012 begins, it's good to be surrounded by a huge blank slate of snow, with shovels in hand, to clear the way for where we need to go. Like never before this winter will be a time to work and watch and pray and wait for God's wonder to bloom in the spring.

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