Sunday, October 23, 2011


Last week,  in reference to some secular books about animals and nature, I mentioned that they superbly capture all the beauty and grandeur of creation while completely eliminating God's role in it all--wrapping all the wonder in millions and billions of years rather than the in Creator of Time. The secular worldview of the physical world and life itself is that it is as random as a box of BBs spilled.

The teachers at CCS cannot imagine teaching from that perspective. Our understanding of history, science, math and human nature as seen in literature and art, is consistent with what we know from scripture. Christian education need never compromise Truth to achieve academic excellence. It teaches fact as fact and theory as theory. It encourages curiosity, exploration, and discovery, and when explanations are truly beyond our finite minds, it encourages wonder rather than doubt.

Wonder Is

Wonder is
the meadow of the mind…
where God is kind enough
to let man find and walk
the common ground of
science and conscience—
the path between
what he thinks he is…
and what he knows he should be,
a place where quiet questions
are allowed
and praise of answers
is aloud.

© Copyright 2000, Tom Kapanka

Simply put,
thinking tests our grasp;
wondering tempts our reach.
We think about things
we know or hope to learn
and wonder about things
we may never understand.
While we assume
that knowledge trumps ignorance,
we dare not conclude
that certitude trumps wonder.
The opposite may be true.

Perhaps wondering is
our love language to God.
Perhaps wonder is our most
un-tampered-with form of worship.
Perhaps we never "know God" better
than when we are dizzied at
the thought of eternity
and the expanse of space;
when our hearts ache
with an unanswered "why?"
Perhaps when we feel
most lost, most orphaned, and when
His face is most inscrutable...
perhaps it's then

that crying, "Abba, Father"
most gladly bends
His holy ear.
© Copyright 2006, Tom Kapanka

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