Wednesday, May 6, 2015

CCS Freshmen Surprise Their Friend

I don't usually post personal items like this, and we will leave out student names for privacy, but a really cool thing happened today in our Freshmen Class. The Jostens Representative was here to deliver school rings for the Class of 2018. When she heard the story behind one of the rings, she got out her phone and recorded this presentation. (Sorry about the lo-def upload.)

The classmates learned that one of their new members really wanted a ring but could not order one. So they all pitched in and bought him a beautiful class ring. He is speechless but very moved. There is a moment of silence followed by laughter at the 29 second mark. Someone said, "We hope it fits." It did fit perfectly, and he wore it the rest of the day.

I later spoke with him (to get permission to share this), and he was still very moved by the kindness of his friends.

These events are unplanned. I knew nothing about it until the Jostens rep came into the office to show us what she had just witnessed. She was literally moved to tears and said in all her years of serving schools in this area, she has never seen this happen.

Interestingly enough this 9th grade presentation happened the morning after one of our seniors posted these candid thoughts on Facebook.

Calvary is a special place!

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