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CCS Currently Submitted Plan for School Reopening in the Fall (and FAQ)

 In compliance with our MDE, CCS is pleased to present our submitted plan for reopening in the fall. Over 70% or school families responded in an on-line survey and 92 parents attended our outdoor forum to discuss the plan on Thursday, August 13. The board approved the plan in their specially called meeting for that purpose on Monday, August 17, and the plan was submitted within hours of that meeting.We'd like to thank all of our families for their supportive and deferential honoring of the mutually shared goals of this plan. 

Back2School Protocols & Reopening Plan

2020-2021 School Year

Unanimously approved by the School Board of Calvary Christian Schools,

Fruitport, MI on August 17, 2020.

CCS is a K-12 school with thirteen class cohorts* averaging 15 students. The intention of this plan is to keep cohort groups intact throughout the day, and to limit cross-traffic between cohort groups as much as possible.

*A cohort is an age-group/grade-level that remains together as a unit for the entire or nearly entire day. Unlike larger schools, at CCS the single grade/single cohort is true for all grades, K-12.


DROP OFF: Cross-traffic between grade cohorts*, and parking lot congestion during peak traffic times, will be mitigated by the following updated parent “drop off and pick up” plan (see diagram):

  • Preschool and Kindergarten parents will enter the west driveway at the Calvary Christian Schools sign (marked entrance A). The kindergarten classroom is in its same location, and Preschool has been relocated to the classroom next to kindergarten. Both classes will be accessed directly from their exterior entrances. Students will be dropped off directly outside their classrooms. Parents wearing facial coverings may accompany their students into the building.

    • If you are planning to walk your preschool and/or kindergarten student to the door, and have older children, we recommend that you use entrance B, drop those children off at their appropriate doors, then circle counterclockwise and make Preschool/Kindergarten your last drop off stop.

  • Elementary parents will enter the east driveway that does not have the Calvary sign (marked entrance B). They will follow the drive to the back parking lot by the playground. Students will enter the building at the end of the new elementary C-Wing (door #15) via the sidewalk closest to the playground. Parents will complete the loop and exit out the farthest east drive to the B entrance/exit.

  • Middle School/High School parents will enter the property using the B driveway and proceed to the far (east) gym entrance near the many handicapped parking spots (door #3) to drop off their students, then complete the near loop, and exit out the middle drive to the B entrance/exit.

  • Student Drivers will enter the school property using the A entrance. Students will then make an immediate left and park in the lot nearest Kendra Road. Student drivers and their riders will enter the building through the end hallway door (#26) connected to the new MS/HS D-Wing hallway.

  • Parent-driven cars with multiple students that include MS or HS students will enter the property using the B driveway and proceed to the far gym entrance near the many handicapped parking spots (door #3) to drop off their MS/HS students, proceed to the back of the building to drop off their elementary students, then complete the loop counterclockwise via the farthest drive of the parking lot, and proceed to the B entrance/exit.

  • The rear rotunda doors will be reserved for special circumstances, like the dismissal of a sick student, while the front rotunda doors will remain our visitor entrance.

  • Visitors will park their vehicles in the front parking lot (nearest the building) and enter at the Rotunda (door #1).

  • Teachers will park their vehicles in the front parking lot (nearest the building) and enter at either Rotunda #1 or Front Foyer #2.


  • CCS will carefully manage enrollment for 2020-2021 to allow social distancing within cohort-size classroom spaces. Even if the average cohort grew to 18, there would be under 250 students within our 70,000 square feet of indoor educational space.

  • Students will remain with their cohorts for lunch in their classrooms or in outdoor venues, weather permitting.

DAILY TOUCHLESS TEMPERATURE CHECKS: Students will enter their classrooms with masks on, remain masked while the teacher takes their temperature with a touchless thermometer, and records (but does not announce) the temperature.

  • Temperatures of >100.4: Students will remain masked and go directly to the sick bay (see below). The teacher will notify the office, who will contact the parents to pick up their student

  • Temperatures of 100.0-100.4: The student will remain masked in the classroom and the teacher will recheck his or her temperature within the class period. If the student’s temperature remains elevated, the student will proceed to the sick bay.


  • In the context of individual cohorts, physical distancing will be an important deterrent to viral spread, as will frequent use of outdoor education venues.

  • Band and choir classes have been relocated to accommodate generous physical distancing requirements unique to those activities and class sizes.

  • The senior class homeroom has been relocated to accommodate generous physical distancing requirements unique to their class sizes.

  • Physical distancing protocols (especially to whatever extent such distance reduces the potential need for masks) will be followed whenever possible. Disinfecting and hygiene protocols shall follow any deviations from those protocols.


  • Masks are required to enter the building, and will be worn in all indoor common areas and individual cohort settings where physical distancing is not possible.

  • Exceptions will be made during snack time, lunch, and scheduled breaks, or if a waiver (see below) is provided by a licensed health professional, counselor, or occupational therapist.

  • CCS will provide disposable masks (50 cents) for students who do not have one on their person. All masks should have the student’s name on them.

  • Homemade cloth masks must be part of a supply that allows for laundering after each day’s use.


    • As per the MI Safe Schools Michigan’s 2020-21 Return to School Roadmap*, CCS will accept without prejudice any notes provided by a student’s licensed health professional, counselor, occupational therapist, etc., regarding the wearing of masks. No stigma or unprofessional discussion will be allowed regarding exemption from mask wearing under such circumstances.

    • Likewise, discretion will be extended to students/parents who may request proximity precaution regarding students who cannot wear PPE.


  • Teachers will disinfect work spaces and equipment between each change of cohorts.

  • Other common areas, such as playground and recess equipment, will be disinfected between changes of cohorts.

  • Common areas such as hallways and bathrooms will be disinfected multiple times during the day.

MODERN HVAC: Our HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system will be programmed for maximum fresh air intake as per local Health Department recommendations.


  • To reduce cross-traffic between cohort groups, entirely new room assignments have been made, assigning elementary classes to the smaller C-Wing, and middle/high school classes to the longer D-Wing. Locker assignments will keep student cohorts in their new wings and as close to their classrooms as possible.

  • Because it is considered a “common area,” the library was moved to room A-100 in the rotunda.

  • The computer lab was dismantled, and the desk-top computers distributed among all classrooms for student use. Computer classes will be conducted with Chromebook laptops (which are kept on a cart) in cohort classrooms. There will also be personally assigned Chromebooks - currently backordered - for the high school.

  • The first two classrooms on the right of the D-Wing are exclusively Kindergarten and Preschool, with a new sidewalk for direct outside access from the front sidewalk. Pending school board approval, 12 x 24’ gazebo over the new sidewalk will be added for protection from the elements.


Inside the building, masks must be worn in all common areas shared by multiple cohorts. (This remains true even if individuals are alone in that common area.)

  • HYGIENE: Frequent personal hygiene/hand washing shall be taught and practiced at all grade levels. Hand sanitizer stations will be posted at each room entrance for use when entering and exiting rooms. Personal hand sanitizer will be kept in student desks (K-5) and in personal carry items for grades 6-12.


    • When possible, HS students will be encouraged to use the large restrooms in the “flag foyer” outside the gym, decreasing traffic in the D-wing restrooms.

    • C-wing restrooms will be reserved exclusively for elementary students all day.

    • Exclusive-use times for preschool-kindergarten will be scheduled while the D-Wing hall is unoccupied.


    • Students will not linger in hallways before class in the morning or throughout the day. Plans are in place to limit the necessity for locker access, therefore limiting extended close contact in hallways. Additionally, masks will be worn at all times in hallways.

    • Middle/high school students may hang their coats on foyer racks, band instruments, athletic gear, art materials, etc. may be shelved as directed in proper places. Locker time must be brief as students quickly gather materials and proceed directly to their first hour classroom.


Daily routines have been designed to maximize the advantages of small cohorts, ample indoor space, and beautiful outdoor spaces.

  • TABLES: Ten steel 8’ picnic tables (matching three we have) will be in the two pavilions at the rear (west end) of the rotunda courtyard. Five will be in shaded areas around the building. Twelve lighter-weight 6’ picnic tables will be placed inside the D-wing pavilions (six in each).

  • PAVILIONS: Two 20 x20 outdoor education pavilions will be available in the rear courtyard, and two for use of MS and HS near D-wing. While these are snow-load bearing structures, they are not permanent structures, and can be repurposed post-Covid.

  • OUTDOOR PE will be recommended whenever possible.

  • During school hours, only single cohorts will use the playground or outdoor equipment at one time.


Pick up for all students is similar to the above traffic flow with one exception: parents picking up only students in grades 1-5, may do so at the Front Foyer #2 vestibule. (This is so a teacher can be on duty at that location and because the rear lot has “soccer” traffic after school.)

As always, to ensure efficient traffic flow, parents who must exit their vehicles are asked to please use designated parking spaces and not leave vehicles unattended in drop-off/pick-up lines.


  • A new Sick Bay will be set up between the “emergency use only” rear rotunda glass doors. Any student who has a temperature of 100.4 or more will wait there, the office will monitor students via video while parents are called to pick up. Parents will use the rear sidewalk where they can talk with the office via speakerphone without needing to enter the building. Student privacy and staff compassion will set the tone for this process. In any “normal” year, dozens of students go home due to mild illness.

  • Each teacher will be provided a $50 cash allowance to purchase their own PPE devices (masks) of their own choosing for use during the school day.

  • CCS will provide a clear face screen and rubber gloves for all teachers to be worn while disinfecting rooms with Coronavirus killing solution.

  • ATTENDANCE: As always, faithful attendance will be encouraged. However, the number of absences will not affect student progress if they meet all other enrollment expectations.

  • CCS will follow the Muskegon County Health Department protocols as they pertain to the information regarding documented cases that have had contact with the CCS building.

  • CCS is a long-standing member of the MHSAA. All athletic transportation, testing, and occupancy guidelines established by the MHSAA will be followed.

  • CCS is an accredited member of the ACSI and AdvanceED and as such is an approved SEVIS school for International students. As such, I-20 forms cannot be issued for on-line learning but only for in person/on-campus classes

These changes and reopening protocols accommodate educational best practice and are intended to ensure a safe, secure, and productive educational environment.

*Whitmer, Governor Gretchen & Return to School Advisory Council. (2019). COVID-19 Task Force on Education. Advisory Council MI Safe Schools Michigan’s Return to School Roadmap. Retrieved from

Public Health- Muskegon County COVID-19 Return to School Toolkit. Retrieved from

B2School Protocols ~ FAQ

2020-2021 School Year


Q: When can students enter the building?

A: The building will be unlocked for students to enter at 7:50 am.

Q: May my elementary student walk in with his/her MS/HS sibling?

A: Please drop students off at separate designated doors. This will assist in keeping the cohorts separated from the beginning of the day.

If you have a student driver, they may enter the building together at the designated student driver entrance

Q: Where do teachers park?

A: Teacher park in the front school parking lot and enter the building through the rotunda or “flag foyer” (door #2) entrance

Q: Do students need to wear masks as they enter the building?

A: Yes, everyone entering the building will wear a mask. When students enter their classrooms, they will remain masked until their temperature is taken and recorded. After their temperature has been taken first hour, teachers will use discretion in providing students with appropriate mask breaks.

Q: Will the school have masks available for students who forget their masks?

A: Yes. The school has purchased adult and child size disposable masks that will be for sale in the school office. Since masks are required at different times throughout the day, we recommend that students have a supply of disposable masks in their backpacks. It is also recommended that students have a supply of zip-lock baggies in their lockers, and that all masks have a name written on them

Q: If we are running late, should we still have students check in at the office?

A: Your child/ren should go directly to their classrooms. They should not go to the office.


Q: Will students be allowed to linger in hallways until the 1st hour bell rings?

A: Students will go directly to their lockers and gather the necessary items for their first two classes of the day. After gathering their things, students should report directly to their first hour class.

Q: What is the protocol if a student arrives at school and they have a temp of 100. 4 or higher?

A: Students with temperatures of 100.4 or higher will remain masked and go immediately to the sick bay. The teacher will notify the office, and parents will be contacted to pick their child up.

Students with temperatures of 100.0-100.4 will remain masked in the classroom and the teacher will recheck their temperature within the class period. If the student still has an elevated temperature, they will report to the sick bay according to procedures listed above. If their temperature is under 100, they will remain in the classroom and proceed with their normal day.

Q: Where will the Sick Bay be set up?

A: The sick bay will be between the two glass door enclosures outside the office as you exit the building to the playground/soccer field. The student who is ill will gather all of his or her belongings, wear a mask, and go directly to the sick bay. The teacher will call the office to notify the secretary, who will contact the parent to pick up his or her child. Parents will drive to the back of the building (elementary drop off area), come to the building and buzz the secretary, who will then record the time of pick up and dismiss the student to his or her parent..

Q: When may a child who has gone home sick return to school?

A: Students may return to school when they are symptom free for 24 hours.

Q: May MS/HS students go to their lockers between classes?
A: They may go to their lockers at the beginning of the day for their 1st and 2nd hour materials. Before 3rd hour, they will collect their snacks and 3rd-5th hour materials. Following 5th hour, they will gather their lunch and necessary materials for their afternoon (6th-8th hour classes).

Q: May my child keep his or her cell phone on his or her person?

A: Cell phones must be kept in the locker or out of sight in their backpacks at all times unless the teacher grants permission for use.

Q: Will students have lunch in the cafeteria?

A: Students will eat in the classrooms of their first hour teacher or in designated outside venues.

Q: Will students eat snacks or lunch in the hallways?

A: No food or drinks will be consumed in the hallways.

Q: Will students have use of the drinking fountains?

A: Students may use the water bottle filling stations, but drinking fountains have been disabled.

Q: Will hot lunch be offered?

A: Typically, hot lunch doesn’t start for a few weeks into the school year. If we are able to work out the details for hot lunch, they will be served on carts to individual classroom cohorts.

Q: What will elementary recess look like?

A: Instead of having two sections of elementary recess, there will be three sections. Each will have two single cohorts*. The play area will be divided in two play areas which the classes will alternate their recess time by day.The playground/wood chipped area is one space, and the asphalt, basketball hoop, as well as the soccer field is the second play space. We have purchased additional play items for the children to use on the asphalt area.

Q: Will you be disinfecting the playground and recess equipment?

A: All equipment will be disinfected after every use.

Q: Will the MS/HS teachers be disinfecting when students change classes?

A: Yes. The school has purchased disinfecting equipment for every classroom, and will be using a non-toxic coronavirus killing disinfectant on the desks and chairs when students change classes and at the end of the day.

Q: Will the school have hand sanitizer readily available for student use?

A: Yes. Hand sanitizer stations have been installed between all classrooms, the cafeteria, art room, kitchen, offices, chapel, gym, etc. We recommend that all students keep a personal hand sanitizer in their backpack or desk at all times.

Q: Will there be any additional disinfecting measures put in place at school?

A: Yes. Every evening the building will be disinfected with a non-toxic coronavirus killing solution.

Q: How will you handle band class ?

A: We will be utilizing the cafeteria for band to accommodate necessary social distancing and class sizes

Q: What is the plan to accommodate social distancing for the larger senior class?

A: The chapel (room A101) will be used to accommodate social distancing for the senior class. The first three classes of their day will take place in the A101 classroom and will become their homeroom. For their 4th-8th hour classes, students are divided by electives, so the number of students in classrooms will be less than 18.

Q: How are you handling elementary music and MS/HS choir?

A: Elementary music classes will be held in their classrooms. MS/HS choir will practice social distancing while wearing protective clear masks which will assist in limiting spray of air particles.

Q: How will you have MS/HS weekly chapels?

A: The Thursday morning 2nd hour chapel will be held in the cafeteria with one MS and one HS class in attendance each week. The two classes will be social distancing in their cohorts. The other classes will watch chapel live-streamed in their 1st hour classrooms.

Q: How will you have elementary weekly chapels?

A: While there will not be traditional elementary chapel at this time, students will have increased worship time to accompany their rich Bible curriculum.

Q: Are you limiting class sizes to accommodate social distancing?

A: Yes. We are limiting class sizes to accommodate social distancing.

Q: Will there still be staggered dismissal?

A: Yes - students will wear masks in the hallways and common areas before they exit the building.

  • Kindergarten will exit their classrooms directly to the outdoor sidewalk at 3:10.

  • Elementary will exit the “flag foyer” (door #2) as they always have, at 3:15.

  • MS/HS students will exit the far gym doors (doot #3) if they are being picked up.

  • Student drivers may exit at the end of the MS/HS D-Wing (door #26)

  • Students with after school activities will proceed directly to those locations as per their coaches/teachers

Q: Will my older students have time to go outside?

A: All classes, grades K-12, will make use of ample and upgraded outdoor venues as much as possible and weather permitting. These spaces will be used for instruction and for snack and lunch times.


Q: Will there be Calvario Coffee time this year?
A: No. We are unable to accommodate guests in the building for visiting.

Q: May parents visit classrooms for parties, volunteering, or as library assistants, or lunchroom assistants?

A: We are limiting outside visitors and guests in the building to essential volunteers. Please wait to hear from your child’s teacher regarding classroom needs.

*A cohort is an age-group/grade-level that remains together as a unit for the entire or nearly entire day. Unlike larger schools, at CCS the single grade/single cohort is true for all grades, K-12.

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