Thursday, December 3, 2020

More about Norman Rockwell... with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg

The above "12 Days" post struck a chord that I did not fully anticipate. Any reader younger than 42 did not share time on this planet with Norman Rockwell, and indeed, many of the people who read that post and watched the video made to go with it, did not recall ever studying a Norman Rockwell illustration, though some of the more famous reprints may seem vaguely familiar. So I thought a brief primer in Norman Rockwell might be of interest to older "fans" and perhaps even to young people. Using this video from George Lucas and Steven Spielberg may help bridge that gap. 

But before you watch this video about Rockwell. Know that (as the name clearly states), The Saturday Evening Post was a weekly magazine that was America's most popular "weekly" for decades. It went out of business (though it has since been revived for bi-monthly publication) in 1969. I was in 7th grade, and neither George Lucas nor Steven Spielberg had yet made their first movie. It was the "canvas" work of Norman Rockwell that inspired both of these directors to work in film. Enjoy!

Just for a laugh: This is a true story: Through the years, in
various venues, I have been "mistaken" for George Lucas. The most recent example was when I was in a long line at Best Buy. The customer behind me said, "Excuse me, Mr. Lucas, but what brings you to Muskegon." I think he was kidding, but I said, "Believe it or not, I've been asked that before, but if I were George Lucas, I would not be returning a $79 printer at Best Buy." We both laughed.

Since most of us will never get to visit te Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge,Mass, Here is a tour of all things Rockwell. (The first 17 minutes is most worthwhile. This is an ammeter video with some inaccurate observations (e.g. he calls actress Jane Russel a model in "The Girl in the Mirror" and later he identifies a daisy a lily)

[Note:This post is dated on Dec 2 (not the 4th) so that it follows the original post on this blog.]


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