Thursday, December 3, 2020

12 Days of Giving: When Norman Rockwell was the New Normal

Two weeks ago, I was looking for that wonderful Norman Rockwell picture of the four generations eating Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, I confess, I was hungry... not for turkey but for some pre-Covid-19 nostalgia. I especially missed having great- grandparents around the table this year. 

The picture was originally part of the "Four Freedoms" series that came out toward the end of WWII. That was when Norman Rockwell was the new normal.

Rockwell could tell meaningful stories of Americana with a single canvas. The message of his art has stood the test of time, and in times like these, it's good to remember that not so long ago, America had a pretty good head on its shoulders. We knew with certainty the most basic distinctions of human existence. More importantly, we knew how to love God and our neighbor. Americans of all kinds knew it takes all kinds to make America, and we all stood collectively proud at our best moments.

Please take a little break from your day and watch this short video. It shows an aspect of Calvary Christian Schools that is unfortunately less and less common "from sea to shining sea": Love of God, Country, and Family. 

Watching it play out in the halls of CCS is made possible through generous friends like you.

Click here to See Video.

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